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Customized Hair Color

All Inclusive Color Sessions
Blonde woman with highlights by Ada H Hair Artist

New Guest Color Session

 As a New Guest, your first appointment will begin with a consultation where we will discuss your current hair health and begin the process of making a plan for your dream hair.  

I will create a custom color formula specifically for your and your hair that will include a personalized color with specifically placed highlights, a toner and/or root smudge followed up with the necessary treatment and gloss. Your color session will concluded with a haircut or finished style.

I will recommend the proper home styling care that you will need to recreate and maintain your look on your own, and ensure that you are set up for your next maintenance appointment.


Blonde Highlights by Ada H Hair Artist


Refresh your current

base color

Blonde highlights by Ada H Hair Artist


Maintain the contrast of 

light & dark tones 

Blonde Highlights by Ada H Hair


Transformational  Color


Ideal for existing guests who frequent the salon regularly for a grey blending base color, toner or gloss.

Refresh is the minimum recommended maintenance appointment in between more in-depth color sessions and includes a finished style or haircut

For existing guests with a 4-6 week hair schedule



Ideal for guests wanting to maintain current hair color or make slight enhancements. This service includes refined highlights dependent on your specific needs, a base color or root smudge/root shadow to seamlessly blend highlights, giving you natural depth and dimension, toner and conditioning treatment with a finished style or haircut

Ideal for those visiting the salon every 8-10 weeks



A multi-dimensional color session that includes fully customized highlights, base coverage to seamlessly blend your highlights or root shadow. In addition this session includes a tonal gloss  and conditioning treatment tailored to the specific needs of your hair, a haircut and finished style.

Ideal for guest craving change or

For guests with a longer span of time in between appointments, 10-12 weeks


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